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IAPA membership

Member Benefits

    Individual Benefits:

  • Association staff, including an Executive Director, Lobbyist, and management team to coordinate and support the  association, member activities, and finances.

  • Subscription to the quarterly executive briefing, IAPA Insights – published to support the exchange of information, employment opportunities, and provide a forum for PAs on relevant issues in Indiana. 
  • Information regarding continuing medical education opportunities in Indiana and online registration.
  • Lobbying for the PA profession to the Indiana Assembly.
  • Representation at the American Academy of Physician Assistants House of Delegates, the policy making body of the Academy.
  • Annual membership meetings.
  • Electronic updates on CME, job opportunities, and relevant issues.

Corporate Benefits:

  • Industry partners, including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, staffing companies, programs, etc. may apply for corporate membership to IAPA.

  •  IAPA offers the Premiere Corporate Membership for $1000 annually. 
  • One complimentary registration to the annual CME Conference. 
  • 50% discount to post open positions to the IAPA Career Center.
  • Premiere Corporate Members receive their company logo prominently displayed on the IAPA website.
  • Participation in the IAPA Industry Advisory Council.
  • Two meetings a year with IAPA Executive Leadership to provide updates around key policy, new products and other issues.

Indiana Academy of PAs (IAPA) is organized under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. Due to lobbying activities, 20% of dues are not tax deductible. Federal Tax ID: 23-7403988

10 Great Reasons to Be a Member

1. Connections to a robust network banded together to produce positive results for public health in our region.

2. CME Conference that provides quality education and networking for PAs, and you receive a SIGNIFICANT discount by being a member.  You can contribute to the content, help plan the Conference or attend to enhance your professional development.

3. Public Policy/Advocacy to contribute to the strong advocacy program centered on assuring that Indiana PA voices are being heard. The Legislative Committee prepares legislative updates/alerts, and keeps track of public health issues under consideration by the State Legislature. Public Health contracts with a lobbyist to advocate for priority public health issues.

4. Informational Updates directly from IAPA to keep members in touch with each other and on the pulse of current issues through an up-to-date web site and email updates of emerging issues relevant to the PA profession.

5. Networking opportunities to connect with your peers and other health care professionals in our region, building your contacts, sharing ideas, best practices and solutions to enhance your current job, find opportunities for career enhancement, etc.

6. Affiliation with IAPA, the premiere voice of PAs in Indiana, representing 1,500+ PAs in the state.

7. Discounted Educational Offerings, reduced registration fees at all IAPA-sponsored continuing education and networking events.

8. Leadership Opportunities to learn and practice leadership and meeting management skills that you may need for your resume, professional growth or self-promotion. Opportunities are available on the Board, committees and special projects annually.

9. Recognition as an Outstanding PA of the Year or Rising Star awardee. Each year, nominate your colleagues or yourself to celebrate achievements from the past year, recognized at IAPA's annual CME Conference!

10. Empowerment as part of a broader PA community.  You are empowered to get involved in issues that affect your personal and professional communities and your quality of life.

BONUS: Indiana PAs are just plain awesome, why wouldn't you want to be a part of our network?

Select the Membership Best for You!

Memberships to IAPA last a full calendar year from the date you become a member. Discounts are available if you opt to auto-renew your membership, or, if you gather your colleagues for a group membership. Receive 10% off your total group invoice of 5-10 members, or 20% off groups of more than 10!

Member Types:

Fellow: Fellow members must be NCCPA certified and/or a Graduate of an ARC-accredited program. Fellow members are permitted to vote on AAPA issues. A Fellow member MUST be a member of AAPA to hold formal office.

Annual Renewal - $175 | Auto-Renewal - $166.25 | Bi-Annual Renewal - $350

Premier:  The Premier membership is a bundle including Fellow membership, attendance to the virtual Spring CME Symposium, and attendance to the fall CME conference. The Fellow membership rate is offered at a discount. Conference registration is included and is offered at as discounted rate through the Premier membership. 

Annual Renewal - $400

1st Year New Fellow - The first-year new fellow membership is for new PA graduates as a welcome introductory rate to join IAPA as a PA professional. The discounted rate is 20% off the Fellowship membership cost. PAs may utilize this membership type in their first year following graduation. Fellow members must be NCCPA certified and/or a Graduate of an ARC-accredited program. Fellow members are permitted to vote on AAPA issues. A Fellow member MUST be a member of AAPA to hold formal office. An increase of membership dues were approved by the Board of Directors in December 2022. Updated member dues officially increased on January 1, 2023.

Membership Price - $140

Retired: Any PA that no longer practices or sees patients. Retired members can vote in the IAPA Election, however, they cannot hold office on the IAPA board of directors.

Annual Renewal - $75

Pre-PA Student: This member level is strictly for current students that are planning on applying to an ARC-accredited program. This membership is an annual membership that requires a yearly renewal. Pre-PA Students can change their member level to PA Student level once they become an official PA student.

Annual Renewal - $20

PA-Student: Students currently enrolled in an ARC-accredited PA program are eligible to apply for a Student membership. This one-time fee covers your entire PA student career. Students are not permitted to vote or hold office. PA-Students can only renew to a Fellow membership upon expiration.

One-time Fee - $40

Associate: Associate members include any of the following: a physician assistant that is not certified or licensed, other healthcare professionals who have, at a minimum, a certification within their respective field. Associate members are not entitled to vote or hold office on the Board of Directors.

Annual Renewal - $125


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